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Fraud Protection Insurance

Fraud Protection Insurance protects you the reseller from incurring excessive fraudulent orders and chargebacks on traffic orders placed through the AdResellers Reseller Interface. Separate policies can be purchased for Email and Traffic products.

What it covers.

  • Fraudulent orders placed via PayPal or your own business merchant account.  We do not accept claims from 3rd party merchant accounts like 2CO.com or CCBill.com.

  • Chargebacks on your account via PayPal, Visa/MasterCard. Discover.  We do not insure American Express purchases.  Every effort must be made to fight the chargeback in question before submitting a claim.

What it does not cover.

  • Orders placed from outside the US or Canada.

  • Single orders over 500,000 visitors.

  • Multiple orders from one client or IP address.

  • Customer orders that have been listed in the Fraud Center prior to activation.

  • Orders that were accepted without doing do diligent work to verify clients identity.

  • Orders placed with other sources.

  • Orders placed before insurance was purchased.

  • Orders placed during lapse in coverage.

  • Orders that resulted in a chargeback after client had requested a refund.  Regardless if the client is entitled to a refund or not. 

One policy per reseller, per product.  (Email and Unique Visitors).  Reseller may sell this insurance to his resellers at a cost no greater than 100% of the resellers purchase price.  

Insurance will cover up to 5 claims per month with no deductible.  In the event over 5 claims are submitted a deductible of $5 per claim will be warranted.  No insurance policy will cover over 10 claims per 30 day period.  In addition claims will no longer be allowable for the given 30-day period if the combined amount of claims totaled over 1,000,000 units of traffic (Email or Unique Visitors).

All claims must be accompanied by the original order, all documentation from your payment processor including customer comments, and any records of contact that you have attempted to make with the client.  In the event that a valid email address or phone number can not be provided for the client, the claim will be denied. 

Premiums for policies are due within 1 business day prior to the expiration of the current months policy.  All policies start at 12:00am on the first day of the month and expire at 11:59pm on the last day of the month.  A $5.00 late fee will apply to late payments and any orders placed during the time the policy remains unpaid will not be covered.  AdResellers reserves the right to increase premiums on a quarterly basis with 60 days written notice.  

Notice of Cancellation must be in writing.  In the event that no cancellation is made and payment remains outstanding for more that 14 days, AdResellers will terminate your policy, and reinstatement of your  policy will not be allowed for 3 months.  Should reinstatement occur your first 6 months premiums must be paid up front.  AdResellers reserves the right to terminate any policy with 30 days written notice via email.

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