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Guaranteed Signups / Prospect Deliveries

If you are not selling Guaranteed Signups on your website, you are missing out on $1000's each month of possible extra income.  Our guaranteed signups program is easy to use and understand for both resellers and their clients.  Best of all you can get started in under 5 minutes.  Simply contact us for a free reseller account, try us out, and if you don't agree that this is as easy as we say it is, walk away with no obligation!

Start selling Guaranteed Signups on your site in less than 5 minutes!

  1. Apply Online Now!
  2. Create Sales Packages
  3. Add A Simple One Line JavaScript and Start Selling!*

* Our plug-in sales tool supports PayPal and 2Checkout Payment Systems.  Your clients are always directed to your account for payment.  Your clients pay you directly, then you pay us for inventory.

How It Works. pushes over 2.5 million advertisements internet wide each and everyday.  Those viewers interested in our advertisements are taken to a link page containing over 20 links to popular business opportunity programs.  When a user clicks a link, they are directed to a corresponding members site.  For instance, if someone clicks on a link for the program through our system, they will be redirected to one of the members sites that have purchased guaranteed signups through our resellers.  When a program link is clicked, they are directed to the members site through a special script.  This script monitors the visitors progress through the members site.  If the visitor decides to sign up for a program, our script will capture the exact information submitted to the member through their website, and place a copy of this information on our server.  This information is held as proof of delivery so that your client can verify this lead once they log into their stats area.  

Everything provided for your clients is 100% fully branded and there is no indication to your customers that we are providing any services for your company.   

Visitors are in no way enticed or rewarded for signing up for a program. Visitors can feel free to sign up for the information they deem valuable. In fact only 5% of our visitors ever sign up for a program and 2% sign up for more than one program. For this reason we must push millions of advertisements across many networks to bring the people in to review these sites. The quality is unsurpassed.

We guarantee that the sign ups are from genuine people interested in learning more about your product or service. We guarantee the email address to be 100% fully deliverable. If an email can not be delivered to the address, then we will gladly remove the sign up and credit the account.

Delivery Times.
We have heard over and over from resellers who have switched to our system that their past provider took months on end to fulfill their clients orders.  You will NEVER have this problem with AdResellers.  Whether you need 1000 signups in less than a month or 25 signups in a few days,  our speed is unsurpassed in every way.  As a common rule we set up most accounts to finish out within 30 days or less.  In the event rush delivery is needed, we can make adjustments to accounts and have them finished in only a few days.  You will NEVER wait months for a campaign to be completed.  The faster we can deliver, the faster your customers will reorder.  This translates into a mutually beneficial relationship for all parties involved.

Stats Area. 
When your clients log in from your website, they will see a fully branded stats area including your logo and links to your website.  Here your clients can check stats on how many signups have been delivered for the day and for all time.  In addition to this they can verify the signups that came from you directly.  The stats area we display can be formatted to exactly meet the look and feel of your website.  If you wish to change the look of your stats page, simply tell us what you want it to look like or send us a template to work with.  Customizing the system to match your sites look and feel is simple to do.

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