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The AdResellers Network can be considered one of the best networks online today.  Why?  Because we control every aspect of our network and remain in control 100%.  This not only eliminates integrity issues, but allows us to be accountable to our resellers.  There are no middlemen, just honest down to earth people who want to bring results back to the advertising industry.

In January of 2008, AdResellers, LLC acquired Entwined.com Inc.  Entwined.com is one of the internet's oldest and most well known free content providers offering free website content to webmasters in a variety of interests.  Each and every day millions of users access our servers to watch music videos, get their local weather, play games, get sports headlines, movies reviews and more.  We target our traffic based on these channels that are currently being displayed on over 21,000 sites worldwide and growing daily.  Because of the popularity of our channels, we have been able to reach large audiences on multiple sites while keeping our overhead low.  

In addition we maintain over 12,000 expired domains which generate large amounts of traffic through our network each and everyday.  Our owned and operated domain registrar aNoun.com also offers free hosting to over 5,000 sites network wide. 

Combining these 2 types of advertising models, has allowed us to build a highly responsive network, while maintaining our low overhead costs.  You will find that our prices are extremely low especially when buying in large amounts.  Simply put, we have more inventory than we do ads to show and our network grows by at least 10,000 new users each day.  Our basic premise is if we keep your costs low, you can sell more and make more at the same time.  We want our resellers to dominate the traffic market, your success is our success and we will do everything in our power to help you each step of the way. 

Below are some general stats about our overall network.  Upon your approval into out network we will provide you with similar data to provide to your clients. 



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